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Ideas for tracking attendance using FMP 13

Question asked by ChristopherMoore on May 23, 2014
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Ideas for tracking attendance using FMP 13


     Hi, All-

     Happy Memorial Day (weekend) to those of you in the US!

     I recently purchased FMP 13 Advanced to use for our not-for-profit organization. We run a group children's home in Central America that has several peripheral activities that coincide. I am looking for a way to easily track regular attendance in activities for up to 200 children. I know that I could create a field for the date of every event (for example Thursday craft day on June 19) and then have a check box that I check for each student there. My problem is that I would continually be creating new events that are recurring. 

     For example, each Thursday afternoon we do crafts in the village. I would love to find a way to create on event (Crafts) and automatically generate a new date each Thursday and then have the option to 'select all' and then 'deselect' those who don't attend, OR simply put a check in a box beside the name for each child that joined us that day. 

     Has anyone ever built a database that tracks attendance for a employees, or church or other events that might have concepts transferable to what I'm aiming for here?

     Any helpful direction you could point me toward would be HUGE!