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Ideas for tricky conditional value lists

Question asked by mmccarty on Dec 9, 2009
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Ideas for tricky conditional value lists



  I've been working with FileMaker for little less than a year and have been building a database for my company as I learn.  My database tracks products.  Each product has two components lets just call those fields C1 and C2.  Now there is a standard list for both and restrictions on which components can be paired together.  I want to create pop up menus for C1 and C2 whose value lists change depending on the users selections.  For example, the user enters a new product and specifies C1, then the list for C2 changes to only those components that can be paired with C1.  I also want the restrict the list for C1 when the user specifies C2 first.

If I could guarantee which component the user chooses first then I know how to create the conditional value lists.  Unfortunately the user enters C1 and C2 on the same layout and can do so in which ever order they want.  Another issue is that my users access the database through IWP, so script triggers are out and we have to manually commit the record.


Any ideas on how to pull this off would be greatly appreciated!