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Ideas on how to set up an inventory...please.

Question asked by cheathamtech on Nov 23, 2009
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Ideas on how to set up an inventory...please.


I'm inventorying the tech equipment at several schools by room.

I'll have unique info about monitors, projectors, computers, etc.


Each object has different fields... like a computer has hard drive space and RAM; a projector has bulb wattage, etc.


Should I set up a table with school info, a table with room info, a table with teacher info, then a separate table for each piece of equipment with unique fields...


Or is there a way to set up an "equipment" field which immediately change to reflect the needed fields when I identify the equipment as "computer," "projector," etc.  ?


I know any of these ways may work but I also know experienced DB folks will have wider insight than my own.