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    Identical portals: one working, one not!



      Identical portals: one working, one not!


      My situation is this: Using FMP v10, with Server 10... three hosted solutions to build assessments. One is a centralized file with multiple tables (call it Base), and there are two "interface" files (call them A and B) that access the Base tables to create and manage the data. Files A and B provide navigation and relationship keys via global fields, no real data.

      I cloned File A to create File B, so the structure and relationship diagrams are identical (basically modified the look-n-feel, plus some scripts that set IDs, etc.).

      On one layout in each file, a local global field is meant to contain the key value into a Base table. When that global is set, the four related records from the Base solution display in a portal. This was all working just fine last week. All of a sudden... this portal in File A stopped working!! When the global is set, nothing displays, altho the underlying data is absolutely there.

      The most baffling thing is that its identical "partner" portal in File B works as always. I have combed the relationships, the fields, the scripts. Everything appears exactly the same. I have recreated the relationship multiple times and still cannot figure it out.

      Is it possible that there is some sort of conflict going on here, with both files accessing the Base table?? Please help me troubleshoot why this is happening, as I have many users waiting on the answer!

      Thank you! 

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          While record locking will keep two users from editing the same record at the same time. It shouldn't keep them from seeing the records.

          Have you doublechecked the external data source settings to make sure they really are both linking to the same base file? (That's a long shot, but you haven't indicated you checked that...)

          It's possible the file itself is damaged. Recover a copy and see if the recovered copy works. If the recovered copy works, replace it with an undamaged back up copy.

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            maybee i am wrong, but global fields cannot be indexed, ans so they cannot be used as key value for another table. You should change this to a caculated field, stored, indexed, with a fixed value.

            mykeyvaluefield, = "keyvalue" (or try this, = myglobaldatafield, i didnt test this)

            mynumkeyvaluefield, = 123

            greetings from germany



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              Global fields can't be indexed, but they can be used in the "parent" side of a relationship. It's often a useful way to set up relationships such as those described in this thread. The result is a "one to many" relationship that only works from parent record to the "many" "children" records and can be a different set of records for each user due to the use of a global field.