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Identifying currently selected record in a Universally related table.

Question asked by dataWolf on Sep 13, 2012
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Identifying currently selected record in a Universally related table.


     Table named Phoners has three fields Phoner and ESTOkay and Batch. Members has three fields, Member, EST, and Batch.

     I need to create a Batch of members for the Phoner to phone, however if the Members is EST, the Member can only be assigned to the Batch if the Phoner's ESTOkay flag is ESTOkay (this is for daytime phonong).

     Currently I relate them through the Batch field. So the first Phoner is Batch "A" and when I go to the first Member to check it, it has no Batch therefore it is unrelated to Phoner and therefore Phoners::Phoner is null.

     I made relationship Member X Phoner, hoping that if i selected the second record in Phoners, then in Members, Phoners::Phoner would be the second record, however it appears the related record for the X relationship is always the first record.

     Suggestions how to accomplish this? I find that using scriptparameter allows me to transfer the data and get some of the work done, but it does not allow me to view on the layout whether or not this EST Member is Phoneable by the record selected in Phoners or in MembersXPhoners. Idears? I guess one other way would be to create a global at Members and fill it with the script parameter. Any better ideas than that? Get(CurrentFieldContents) did not seem to work.

     Regarding Universal relationships, does it matter which fields are related, and whether there is any data in them?