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identifying dup records in calculation not script step

Question asked by zinny on Oct 4, 2012
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identifying dup records in calculation not script step


     Hi, I am aware of the ! find script step that would allow me to find duplicate fields but I was wondering if there was a purely calculation based way of identifying whether records related to a master record in a one to many relationship are duplicates?

     I am a tv director who has created a program for managing my tv shows

     Each series has 10 episodes [episode table] and each episode has 3-5 stories inside it [story table] (the one to many relationship)

     Each story has a genre represented by a radio button set field - in the case of a police show the stories might be classified by a value list Traffic stop/Drug use/Disorderly behaviour etc.

     No episode should have two stories with the same genre as this would become repeditive for viewers.

     I would like to create a calculation field on the epidose table that identifies when there is a repeat value in the related stories and returns a text statement like "WARNING : Genre Conflict".

     Is this possible?