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identifying dup records in calculation not script step part 2

Question asked by zinny on Oct 22, 2012
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identifying dup records in calculation not script step part 2


     Thanks for the help with my other version of this issue. I have another situation where I would like to identify duplicate records linked to a master record and return a text value "This episode contains a talent double up"

     I work on TV shows where every episode has 3 - 5 stories inside it. There are up to three performers (we call Talent) who are attached to each story. We do not want to have any one of these performers appear in two stories in the same episode as the stories are intercut and it would be weird for them to be in one story and then we cut to another story and them be in it as well.

     The structure of the filemaker 11 project is an EPISODE table, a STORY table (linked with Parent Keys and Child keys) and TALENT table. The story table contains three separate child key fields MIC TALENT, SECOND TALENT and ADDITIONAL TALENT that link to the parent Key of the Talent table.

     The different fields indicate different roles that the talent is playing in that particular story but they could easily swap roles in different stories. So I can't just find duplicates that appear in one field over stories linked to one episode I have to find duplicates over three fields.

     I have created a quick mock up of what it might look like. The layout is from the Story table sorted by episode with a sub summary. The warning is in red that I would like to create.

     Any one got an idea how to acheive this? Thanks