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Identifying Duplicates in Filemaker Pro 9

Question asked by rowing190 on Mar 19, 2009
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Identifying Duplicates in Filemaker Pro 9


I have set up a process to identify duplicates in our Filemaker Pro database based upon a self-join of our contact table to itself and the creation of a counter field and a check duplicates field. In addition, I have created several calculation fields that identify the first three numbers of the zip and the first three letters of the first name. In addition to the last name field, these two fields are used in the self-join as the matching fields. The use of the calculation fields allows us to identify Don Fields 60601 and Donald Fields 60601 as duplicates.


I am still relatively inexperienced at Filemaker Pro and scripting. My question is whether it is possible to write a script that will flag both the unique and the duplicate record so that those records can be exported into Excel and examined for the accuracy of the duplicate matching process. 


Also, my intuition is that in the duplicate identification process described above, the first record in the database is designated as unique; subsequent records are identified as duplicates if they match the duplicate criteria in the self-join. Is that correct? If so, is there any other way to control which record is designated as unique and which is designated as the duplicate? For instance, an update field of one record may have of a date of 12/02/08; the update field of a second record may have a date of 03/15/09. I would want to keep the second record as its data has been updated recently. Is the only control over which record is identified as unique that of sorting the records beforehand according - in my example - to the update field - or any other field that one wishes to choose.