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Identifying text for a Field

Question asked by MichaelLindner on Jul 5, 2013
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Identifying text for a Field


     I have a layout that I'd like to be able to import a paragraph of random text into a field.  Once imported I'd like a separate field to grab a small portion of that text for input.  The text will vary each time.  Is there a way to contain the text I need from the paragraph?  Maybe put some sort of symbol in the paragraph before imported at the start of the text I want and at the end of the text I want?  

     I would think there was a function that could go to the field with the imported paragraph, and maybe grab the text out of the paragraph if there was quotation marks or parenthasis around the text I wanted to get for another field.

     Any ideas how what function I could use, or any Ideas on how to contain  the text I'd want to grab?