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    Identifying two periods of fyscal year!!



      Identifying two periods of fyscal year!!


      How can i put two parts of fyscal year in a way that i can assign a letter to each of these periods. i.e.;


                A                                                       B

               ---                                                     ---

      Oct,1st-Mar,30th                                Apr,1st-Sep,30th


      As you can see, the equation should b a general one so it would fit any year and since the "A" period; Info_ReportingPeriod;  has two different years; the current one and the one after, unlikethe second period "B"; Info_ReportingPeriod; that doesnt have that issue


       A= 11/1/2009-3/30/2010                               B=4/1/2010-9/30/2010

      Remember that it should be a general equation since it would work with any fyscal year.


      The way that it works with is when you put the record date; Info_IntakeDate; it will calculate if that record is in "A" or "B" period of fyscal year; Info_ReportingPeriod.



      Thank you