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If Cancelled, Nulls Total Script

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Feb 1, 2011
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If Cancelled, Nulls Total Script


Hi there,

I'm trying to get better at scripting, but I need some help with this one.

I have a list view that shows all current invoices and serves as a snapshot for the month/year or whatever time period I need to search.

I need to be able to null the total of an invoice when the status of the invoice is cancelled, so we're not factoring in cancelled events into our snapshots.

The problem is that the Total field is already an active calculation field that sums a number of different fields together for a complete total. I don't know how to put both calculations on this field.

If it helps, the current Calculation on "Total" is : 

Subtotal  -  Discount_Total + Tax + LaborCharge + TransportTOTAL  + Hotel_Charges