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    If certain series of text is contained than do (blah)



      If certain series of text is contained than do (blah)



      Thank you in advance for your time and help. I am trying to find out if it is possible to have a filemaker script search for a series of characters in a field and if it is there then perform an action. This is similar to excel text function.

      In fileMaker: If(table:field1 = "over", table:field2 = "Done") BUT I want it so if the field lets say contains "overdue: 245 days" it will also do this( the number of days changes every day).


      In excel one could put a simple asterisk (*) and that would denote text could continue from there. such as a Sumif(A1 ="Over*",,) and it would sum only the records that contained "Over" in the beginning of the word.


      Additional info:

      I have a field 1 that states if an item is checked out, available, or overdue (this many days). I want to show text in another field  2 if field 1 says "checked out" or "overdue: X days".

      Any help is greatly appreciated