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If Checkbox Selected Enter "1" Into Field

Question asked by JoshuaGagnon on Sep 15, 2014
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If Checkbox Selected Enter "1" Into Field



I am working on a database that has a checkbox field "Ethnicity" that has the following options:

Hispanic or Latino
N.A. or Alaskan
A.A. or Black
N. Hawaiian or P.I.

This works fine for those in the field needing to identify students. However, when we prepare a report for the government each year each checkbox needs to reported separately as a 1 or 0 (for yes or no). Here's an example:

Hispanic or Latino if selected needs to report "1" in the Ethnic field. If not selected it needs to report a "0" in the Ethnic field. Similarly, if N.A. or Alaskan is selected it needs to report "1" in the Ethnic2 field or a "0" if not selected. This continues through Ethnic6. Ethnic1 through 6 need to be labeled that way because that's how we must upload them to the government report. Can these fields auto populate based on a calculation looking at what is/is not selected in the "Ethnicity" checkboxes?