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IF CONDITION won't work properly in a repeating field

Question asked by DranLang on Jul 17, 2013
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IF CONDITION won't work properly in a repeating field


     Hi everyone!  Early this morning I got a call from a friend of mine asking if I could help him with his FM's IF condition.  To begin with, He has a 3 repeating fields (Class, Major, and Building; Class has choices to choose from Morning, Afternoon and Evening).  Class is a pulldown field so when he choose a class the fields Major and Building will automatically be populated by values related to the class and which are referenced from a different table.  I checked his use of the IF condition (and it seems correct, but I can't be sure since I'm also new to FileMaker), the IF condition intended for the Major field is written as follows:

     If(Class = TABLE1::ClassGroup; TABLE1::Maj; "").


     For some reason, it only gives the result correctly if the class chosen is not the same as the first one selected (Example: The first class chosen is Morning, the Major field gives out the Moajor class available in the morning (Computer Science), but if you choose the same Morning Class for the second row (Class[2]) Major[2] only gives you empty result) but if you select Afternooon or evening first it will give the correct result.


     Is the IF condition needs to be changed for repeating fields? Because when he tried to use it in a portal and not a repeating fields it works just fine.



     Thanks everyone!