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    If Evaluation



      If Evaluation


      The left is the way i have the if set up.

      The right is the way it evaluates.

      When i step through it, it skips the if all together.

      I have a return in each.

      What is there about the way i have it, that is doesn't evaluate correctly?



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          There seems to be some missing details here.

          How are you getting the dialog named "Evaluation Result" to appear?

          Are you using a custom dialog in a script? IF so, please share a screen shot of that portion of your script so that we can see all of the possible details that might affect your result.

          The expression, as shown in the Specify Calculation dialog should return a value 1 (the values are equal) or a value of 0, (the values are not equal).

          Are you sure that you don't have a let function involved here somewhere?

          Such as: Let ( $ConsigneeShipper = "Shipper Consignee" ; .... )

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            It is evaluated from a tool.

            No custom, just an if...

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              what tool? that tool doesn't seem to be working correctly.

              Why does "consignee" appear on a second line instead of in line with "Shipper" in your first post?

              If you have FileMaker Advanced, run this script in the debugger and use the data viewer to check the exact value of $ConsigneeShipper in the data viewer. You might even use this watch expression:

              Quote ( $ConsigneeShipper )

              This will display the value of the variable inside quotes which can make it easier to check for leading and trailing spaces or other non printing characters such as a return.

              If you do not have Advanced, use show custom dialog just before the If step and put the above expression in the custom dialog to show the value of the variable.

              I suspect that your If expression should actually be:


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                /files/7de8ad3b82/Capture.PNG 1337x856
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                  Then  you need the expression that I put at the end of my last post.

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                    That makes sense, and worked.

                    Thank you