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    If field has data - find it



      If field has data - find it


      I am trying to write a script that does the following:



      Field1 = Trip Name

      Field 2 = Corresponding Trip Name

      Layout = Trip Itinerary


      What I need it to do:

      If Field 2 has a trip name in it - do a search for THAT Trip Itinerary


      I am assuming this needs to be a calculation within the script but I am not exactly sure how to write that. 


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Not sure what you are looking for...


          Taking a guess here but if you right click the field you can choose 'Find Matching Records'

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            Hmm, that doesn't seem to work at all. It actually seems to work in the opposite. If I chose show all records and then do the right-click and find matching records it brings up the opposite records that I want. Not sure what I am doing there.


            In any case, I want this to be a script that takes me to the layout and sorts to find the records that I want. The trouble I have with the script is I cannot tell it what to sort for, FileMaker has to grab that info from the field that I am clicking on.


            Hope that helps to explain it a little better.


            Thanks for your idea!




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              Sorry I am still unclear on what you want.


              A layout is based of a table occurrence, not a particular field or specific data in a field.



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                I just posted another question that I hope clarifies it a bit. I know since I am new at this my vocabulary isn't always right but yes, I have a table that has the all the fields and then I have a layout that is comprised of fields from this table (and obviously there are records that input data into these fields). My new question is this:


                I am using FMP 9 - I am trying to write a script that will perform a find by grabbing data from one field and putting it in another. Currently my script looks basically like this:


                Enter Find Mode

                Set Field [Catalogs::Field A; Field B]

                Perform Find


                Field A and B are in the header of my layout. When I execute the script there are no found records (which there should be) and my cursor is in the body of the layout in a totally different field.


                Do Field A and B have to be in the body? What am I doing wrong?

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                  Set Variable [ $field; Field B ]


                  Enter Find Mode []

                  Set Field [Catalogs::Field A; $field ]

                  Perform Find []



                  It need to capture what the value was in a variable prior it entering find mode where the value will not exist since its no longer in browse mode...

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                    This is what my script looks like now - exactly:


                    Set Variable [$Field; Value:Catalog Pagination::Corresponding Insert Media Code]

                    Enter Find Mode []

                    Set Field [Catalog Pagination::Media Code; $Field]

                    Perform Find []


                    Corresponding Insert Media Code is the field I want it to pick up -

                    Media Code is the place I want that info dropped. 


                    Still no luck. 

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                      Thank you for your posts.


                      It looks like everything is set up properly.  What you may want to do is make sure you are getting information from "Corresponding Insert Media Code".  Therefore, we'll add a step to the script to make sure you are getting what you expect.


                      Set Variable [ $Field ; Value: Catalog Pagination::Corresponding Insert Media Code ]

                      Show Custom Dialog [ $Field ; "Corresponding Insert Media Code = " & $Field ]

                      Enter Find Mode []

                      Set Field [ Catalog Pagination::Media Code ; $Field ]

                      Perform Find []


                      That is, after grabbing the Corresponding Insert Media Code, I'm displaying it to make sure there is a value.  Then, that value will be placed in the Media Code field prior to the Find.  After the Find, you can also pull down the Records menu and select "Modify Last Find" to see what search value is in the Media Code field.


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