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    If first record



      If first record


           I am writing a script that has a loop in it and many if statements.


           For one of the If statements, I don't want to run it if it is the first record (the first time through the loop).  So, I was thinking of doing something like:

           If first recordc count = 1 then

           next record

           else if.......I could run my if.


           But, I'm not sure how to do the first records if.


           I appreciate your help.


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               If the records you are looping through are the records in a found set:

                  If [ Get ( RecordNumber )  ≠ 1 ]

                  #Put the rest of your script steps that take place if the record is not the first record here.

                  End IF

                  Go TO Record/Request/Page [ next ; exit after last ]
               End Loop