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If not a Portal for printed reports, then what?

Question asked by DavidConrad on Nov 19, 2011
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If not a Portal for printed reports, then what?


I must be missing something obvious...

Context: Address List table and Payment table linked by a simple id_no

Purpose: Print (note - on paper, not on screen!) a found set of People, with a list of their payments

Issue: The context for my printed Layout is the Address list table.  I have a found set of folks (usually dozens) then I want to print a report that contains the person's name and address, then all of that person's Payments.   The problem in my mind (and I know I'm thinking about this wrongly) is that if the "context" is the Person, I can't figure out how to print a list of their related records from the Payments table.  Of course this is trivial on-screen using a portal - but that's not for printed reports.

So I guess the question is, what's the equivalent of a portal for the printed report.  It's like I need to switch the context to the Payments table, but each layout has a single context, right?

Thanks for your help!