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If or case?

Question asked by Russell904 on May 5, 2010
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If or case?


I am extremely new to filemaker, But learning to like it quickly. I have a form I could use some help on, basically we test equipment to make sure it works correctly, so machine type 1 might take 1 hour, type 2 takes 2 hours, etc.. As you enter the counts of equipment, it adds up the hours it'll take, so lets say it is 100 hours, then I have a menu for how many technicians will be working on the project, so if you select 4, I need it to divide the hours up by 4, and enter them into seperate fields.Example below, basically the Blue 1 is where the total hours are, the 2 is where you select the # of techs from a drop down menu, 1-4 and then 3 is where it divides the time from 1 by the number of techs selected, and enters the hours for each tech into TECH1-4.