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Question asked by BatuhanGizer on Aug 5, 2013
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If question



     I am trying to make a search button.  I was using a simpler search script as follows;

      Enter Find Mode[]

     Set Field[Accounting::Type; "Check"]

     Perform Find[]

     and sorting in the end.  What I would like to achieve is there is a field named "Status" and there are 3 values from a dropdown list "Paid" "Returned" and "Bounced" or the user will not enter any of the values from the list if the date of the check has not come by.  If the user selects "Paid" , I don't want to see that check in my Check portfolio.  So I thought of two different things but couldn't figure out how;

     1) Adding an "If' statement to my script and it will omit the record if "Status" field is "Paid" in search results but couldn't figure out how to implement the if statement.

     2)Searching for Accounting::Type; "Check" first and search for "Returned" "Bounced" or "" (no value) but couldn't figure out how to do the secondary search.