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If Statement help

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Mar 12, 2011
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If Statement help


This is my script I need help on the "If" portion at the end

Set Variable[ItemCode:Value:Log_LineItems::Code_Calc_PK]

Set Field[Log_Lineitems::Updated:" "]

Select Window[Name:"PriceBook_Dev"]

Enter Find Mode[]

Set Error Capture [on]

Perform Find

if[ not Get(found count)]

Show Custom Dialogue ["No record found would you like to create a new record?]

End if

Here is where I am lost..I would like option to create a new record and use  Value:Log_LineItems::Code_Calc_PK as the new code for

PriceBook_Dev:Code_PB_sp. I don't understand how to assign scripts to the custom dialogue  buttons and finish the if or maybe should be case.

Thank you