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If statement in filemaker report

Question asked by AbinusJR on Mar 2, 2014
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If statement in filemaker report


     Hi All,
     This report is working fine but is generating report if vendor is unpaid also. i want to have a criteria here. If[CustomerPaid+VendorPaid==TotalAmount] End If; Report should generate if this condition pass only. how to go with it?
     New Window[Name:"Report";height:700;width:900;Left;Style:Document]
     Enter Find Mode[]
     Go to Layout["Economic Report(Finance)"]
     Set Field[Finance::PaidDate;Finance:ReportDateFrom &"..."&Finance::ReportDateTo]
     Set Field[Finance::Customer Status;"Paid by"]
     Set Field[Finance::Vendor Status;"Paid by"]
     //New Record/Request
     //Set Field[Finance::Customer Status;"Unpaid"]
     // Omit Record
     //New Record/Request
     //Set Field[Finance::Customer Status;"Only_Deposit_Received"]
     //Omit Record
     Perform Find[]
     Sort Records[Restore; No dialog]
     Pause/Resume Script[Indefinitely]
     Close Window[Current Window]