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If Statement with Multiple Field Queries

Question asked by nholmes2009 on Oct 22, 2009
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If Statement with Multiple Field Queries


Hi everybody


I am new Filemaker user with some experience of MS Access and am slowly making the transition! I'm running FMP10 on a Powerbook G4.


I have a question to which I suspect the answer will be in the design of my database, but I thought I'd throw it out here before attempting to reconfigure the webform.


I have four fields on every record to describe what someone is looking for (it's not a dating site, but I guess the functionality here is similar!) - student, professional, part-time, and doesn't matter. All of these evaluate to a true or false (Yes/No) value. Every record (1 per person) also has a multiple choice occupation field so the person can describe their occupation.


Predictably, I'm trying to get filemaker to look at the record, evaluate the four fields together, and return a set of matching records based on what's been selected.


I have managed to get it to evaluate the final field (doesn't matter) and return all types of occupation. But aside from listing all of the possible combinations of all four boxes in an If statement, I don't know how to evaluate them all together to return, for instance, only students and professionals but not part-timers (if that had been selected).


Any advice on the right type of query, or the database structure more generally, would be appreciated.


Kind Regards