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If statement with Summary results seems wrong

Question asked by Stu412 on Jan 23, 2015
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If statement with Summary results seems wrong


Hi there

I have 4 summary fields on a table calculating various numbers which when displayed on the sub summary row are correct.

I want to create another column on the same row which displays only one of the summary fields given a certain condition.  I have tested the If statement in the calculation field and the logic around the condition is also correct.

So, I think to myself, hey, replace the test "This is a test" comment with the Summary and away we go....

Not so, the result I'm getting from the "If Summary" (for lack of a better term), despite being the same formula in the same table is completely different to the same summary result in the column right next door!

Any ideas why a summary would change results when it's used in the results of an If?