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    If Statements or Loops?? Or both???  HELP!



      If Statements or Loops?? Or both???  HELP!


      Hello again!!


      I am using FM11.


      Through some great help from this forum, my database has gone a long way!  But now I have a dilemma that really has me against the ropes.


      I am trying to have a field on the same layout, and from the same table, paste the most RECENT value entered from five other fields in ascending order. 


      To be specific, (and more clear)...if a person answers "YES" and then enters a number, and then the next three people answer "NO", (and don't enter anything else), I would like the next "YES" response to be pasted with the same value as the last "YES" response, while skipping over the previous "NO" responses.  


      Does that make more sense???  I need it to follow an order of succesion.



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          Perhaps a relationship will serve.


          You may need more fields to reference the correct group of records but


          Table::cYes = Table 2::Response And

          Table:: PersonID ≠ Table 2:: PersonID


          cYes is a calculation field with "yes" as it's calculation so that all records have the same value, yes, in this field. Table 2 is a second table occurrence of table.


          Can be used to point to all the records where "Yes" was the response except for the current record. Last ( Table2::field ) can refer to the most recent record other than the current record where someone responded "yes".