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    If tab out function?



      If tab out function?


           Hi There,


           I have several records in list view and I would like to have the ability to tab to the following record if I tab out out of the last record in the sequence much like is the default in a portal.  Is this possible?


           Thank you.

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               You have two different script triggers that you can consider. The simplest to use is OnObjectExit. This can perform a script to take you to the next record and even to a specific field in that next record. But any action, such as clicking with the mouse, that exits the field will trip this trigger and produce this result.

               Instead, you can use the OnObjectKeystroke trigger if your script checks the code for the specific keystroke and does this action only if the key pressed was the tab key.

               If [ Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ) = 9 // code for a tab key ]
                 Go to Record/Request/Page [Next ]
                 Go to Field [ Specify a field here] // or use go to object if you give the desired object and object name
                 Exit Script [ False ]
               End If

               The Exit Script [False] step cancels out the tab character so that it does not get processed by FileMaker after the script completes.

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