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If this then this formula

Question asked by yourlightlink on Oct 20, 2010
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If this then this formula


Hi. I have a small business and have 3 products with different prices. I am trying to develop a database with just one page [besides the separate invoice pages] and I am struggling with figuring out the coding for a "if this then this" formula. 

The issue is this. 3 products. 3 different prices. With x number of quantity.

This is the formula I need:

If P=1 then X * 9.95

If P=2 then X * 6.00

If P=3 then X * 14.95

3 fields that need to be unified like so. I have it set up with the radio button option for the product. I can multiply the quantity by only one of the prices and need to have the multiplied amount subject to which product is chosen.

Can anyone help?