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      IF, PERHAPS CASE....


      Who can guide me then?

      I have an orders table, within that table I have a ValidFrom (Date) and Expires (Date)

      I would like to see when at any given occasion that I run a find, another calculated cValidToday field would show "Valid" or "invalid". I've had a dabble with a nested if but to no avail, I can't get my head around it!!

      A working example, i run the report,  we'll suppose it's the 15th of June 2011 (My birthday Laughing)

      ValidFrom       |  Expires             | cValidToday

      01 Jun 2011    | 30 June 2011     | Valid

      16 Jun 2011    | 04 July 2011      | Invalid

      01 Jun 2011    | 14 June 2011     | Invalid

      ( I've expressed date DD MMM YYYY  like this to save confusion if we're from other sides of the Atlantic Wink)

      A solution would be a very welcome Birthday gift !!!  ;@)