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IfCell IsEmpty GetData from AnotherCell

Question asked by trunkdog on Jul 19, 2011
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IfCell IsEmpty GetData from AnotherCell



I Need an "If Cell is Empty Get Data from Another Cell" call.

I have an imported database with fields for:
cellph, homeph and workph
I would like to populate all empty cellph records with:
homeph or workph else cellph

Case (
IsEmpty ( cellph & homeph ) ; workph ;
IsEmpty ( cellph ) ; homeph ;

Since I do not have a clue how to populate an existing field with data from another field I created a place holder field named holdph and set its type to Calc with the above syntax. Both homeph and workph have data. When the Calc is executed holdph is populated with "empty strings". If I set the default to a field with data say dataph, then holdph is populated. All the involved fields are text fields.

I am admittedly new to FileMaker and have done web searchs and RTFM'ed. Could someone tell me what pew I should be looking in, Calc, isEmpty, Scripting, Relations, Tables etc? I have a way of making the simplest of task burdensome. Give me a few months, I'll be a power user! Ya gotta start somewhere…

TIA - Barry Cool