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Image Catalog, huge?  Using Links vs. imports?

Question asked by JefferisPeterson on Apr 21, 2012
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Image Catalog, huge?  Using Links vs. imports?


Hi Folks,  I have a 2 DVD set of Hemera Images of 150K images. I have a tab text file of all image names and descriptions.  Hemera's PhotoObjects Software is not being updated for Lion.   Using Graphic Converter 7, I've converted all images to png files so I can use them for my web work.   What I want to do is create a searchable database of images based upon description, but I don't need/want to duplicate and import all my images into a FM file. I'd rather have it display the images via a link to a folder on my computer, or place the DB inside the images folder so that all are immediately available via a relative path. 


Anyway, I'd like to know if/how it is possible to do this in FM Pro 12, using perhaps the Assets template or some other method. If I did this in MySql on a server, I know how to do linking to display, but I don't want this on a server. 


Can anyone give me some advice, counsel, instructions on how to do this?    I also want to be able in the search, if say 20 images come up matching the description Zebra, a simple layout of the available images would be great. 

Finally, I would like to export a stand alone player  (without the actual images, just the database info) so other Hemera users could use this fix.