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    Image Catalog, huge?  Using Links vs. imports?



      Image Catalog, huge?  Using Links vs. imports?


      Hi Folks,  I have a 2 DVD set of Hemera Images of 150K images. I have a tab text file of all image names and descriptions.  Hemera's PhotoObjects Software is not being updated for Lion.   Using Graphic Converter 7, I've converted all images to png files so I can use them for my web work.   What I want to do is create a searchable database of images based upon description, but I don't need/want to duplicate and import all my images into a FM file. I'd rather have it display the images via a link to a folder on my computer, or place the DB inside the images folder so that all are immediately available via a relative path. 


      Anyway, I'd like to know if/how it is possible to do this in FM Pro 12, using perhaps the Assets template or some other method. If I did this in MySql on a server, I know how to do linking to display, but I don't want this on a server. 


      Can anyone give me some advice, counsel, instructions on how to do this?    I also want to be able in the search, if say 20 images come up matching the description Zebra, a simple layout of the available images would be great. 

      Finally, I would like to export a stand alone player  (without the actual images, just the database info) so other Hemera users could use this fix. 

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          You can do a batch import of a folder and everything in it and select the option to use a link rather than import the file into the container field. The 'address' is stored in the container field.

          Test this with a small duplicate set of files and folders rather than the full set to see if it works for you.

          The pathname will be fixed so if you move Filemaker or the graphics files to some other place, your pointers are busted.

          The best bet is to put the Filemaker application and the pictures in the same folder to keep the pathname the same if that folder is moved.

          Check the size of the file before the import, if you use just the pathnames it should not grow a lot but if you did import the pictures the file will swell like a baloon filling with water.

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            Okay,  so if the tab delimited text index is one file and the file names of the images are all in the folder where the DB is, how would you connect the image names to their corresponding record rows?   IOW, can I start with the index import and then batch/match the image filenames?   

            Maybe I'm doing this wrong.  I imported the text file, then imported the filenames with references to the image files and used update existing records  in import. It matched filename (item) to filename, but in the image area (I used the Assets Solution),  is showed the proper name but says "the File cannot be found"   I could manually link each found image, but that would take forever. 

            I stored description in the Notes field, I stored file name in the Item Field and I thought I was storing the path name in the Image/Container field.   The other disadvantage, when I manually linked the files using a pathname, it creates a generic png placeholder image rather than a preview image. 


            My process was to Import Records> Folder> Picture and movie files, import only a refernce to each picture, 

            I matched File name to item, did not import image or thumbnail, and put file path in Image/Container.    I am going to need to be able to see the images, so what I may have to do is import thumnails into the image field?  And somehow link it to the large image??  

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              Okay,   I did another test, and this time I inserted thumbnails in the pictures area and used the Assigned To area to put in the path, but the path is the complete path including volume locations even if the files are in the same folder as the DB,  and there doesn't seem to be a way to call up/open the image as in one linked to the thumbnail.   In fact, the path seems to be to the thumb and not the full sized image (the thumb is included in the asset). 


              I'm trying to reduplicate the Hermera software where you find the thumb you want an then can open the large image with a click. Can you think of a way to do this with FMPro?  Ideally, a double click on the thumbnail would call up the larger image. Or open it is an another graphic program. 

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                Third try:   I imported using Folder  the pictures using  the import.  AS I read through the docs, it appears you cannot make a relative filepath using Folders, but only using external databases.  So the folder path is going to be set using volumes.   I have placed thumbnail images in the image container area.  I do not see or know how to create a url link to the images however from the database.    Any help on this appreciated.  I don't see in DB management a way to do this.   


                What I plan to do is edit the file paths to a relative relationship, so if it is  volume(image assets)/HermeraImages/Disk1/filename.png  

                I will put the FM DB in the Hemere images folder and shorten the file path to Disk1/filename.png,  

                but I am not sure if this will work for file linking or asset linking.  


                Any help GREATLY appreciated.