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    image database grid view?



      image database grid view?



      Newbie trying to modify the standard FM12 Content Database, and am struggling to figure out how to acheive a specific layout - and I am just not sure it can do it. 

      I have started with data entry very similar to the Content Details layout in the Content Database. I happen to be using it for tracking a stamp collection, but the image contents really do not matter here.

      What I would like is a way to view all the records Container images as a matrix of images - more like the way one views the images in iPhoto or other image browsing apps - in a grid of X by Y images. That woudl be a quick overview where I could then link directly to an individual image record.

      All I can figure out in FM12 is to get a virtical list of records - similar to the "Content Browser" view in the FM solution wich is a "report". Using a lable view is conceptually right, but I just do not think that is the right solution.

      Would a portal enable me to view all the images in the DB? I am happy to have them sorted, or be able to view specific search results in this format.

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!


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          i have a simular problem. i have for exsample groups " cars, bikes,..." and in these are all cars, all bikes,...

          And i want for exsample all the cars as a small icon on the full page like the standard ipad screen, where i can select the car icon and be linked to the file.

          The only option until now is a list vieuw with the pictures.

          However, a solution could be a page with a sript on opening.

          The page could have 10 image fields and the script writes the numbers. so if you have page 1 all images from number 1 to 10 are shown.

          page2  would have 11 to 20 and so on.

          however an automated script looking for the amount of items and wrting the page itself would be much faster though.

          because i don't use an ID_product that goes from 1 to ... But a spesific name.


          PLEASE  HELPLaughing

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            A simple option to set up, is to create a Labels type layout where your records are set in Layout Setup.. to print in columns. You then would enter preview mode instead of browse to see the columns of images and you can click the book control or drag the slider near it to see other pages of images. This is not as user friendly as what you have described, nor can you click individual images to select them, but it is the easiest way to get a "grid" of images.

            because i don't use an ID_product that goes from 1 to ... But a spesific name.

            It would be a very good idea to add such a field, set it to auto-enter a serial number and use Replace Field Contents to update your existing records with serial numbers. Chances are, that you will need to link these records to other tables in relaitonships and specific names are not a good option for such relationships.

            One way to get a grid where you can click on container fields to select the image is to use a row or grid of one line portals to a related table of images with one container field in each portal's row. These portals can be set to display Initial Record: 1, total records 1, Initial Record 2, total records 1 and so forth to each display the next related record that would otherwise be listed vertically if you used a single portal with many rows.

            You can further control what records appear in such a grid of portals if you use a portal filter on them. If the filter refers to variables or global fields, you can add buttons or use other controls such as drop down lists to control what images are currently on display.

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              thanks for the help,

              i know for the specific names, however when you have 2000 items and you want a dropdown in a portal it takes ages to see the replace content.

               that's why i dont use numers anymore but the partnumbers themselfs. That goes very fast. But my names are never the same.

              by the way do you have an idea or code on how we can autocheck a number when we enter it. so that entering double partsnumers are impossible?

              something like " This item numer ( name) is already in use"

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                I still would not use names in relationships. You can use names in your drop down list, but use a script to find and enter the ID number that corresponds to the name. Names are subject to change and also data entry errors. Thus you can encounter issues best avoided if you use an ID number to link your records instead of names.

                Here are several script supported methods for finding information by name, but which enters an ID number after the name is selected by the user:


                do you have an idea or code on how we can autocheck a number when we enter it. so that entering double partsnumers are impossible?

                I recommend starting a new thread with that question: (a) it has nothing to do with this thread and (b) I'd need to know a lot more about your database and what you are doing in order to answer it.

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                  Thanks for the ideas. Phil, I suspected your idea was the solution I would need to try. 

                  ..use a row or grid of one line portals to a related table..

                  However, I think this is going to exceed my patience and knowledge of FMP, so I think I will make a feature request :-)

                  Seems to me this should be a fairly simply additional layout type. This must be a common need for assets in container fields - being able to have an overview of just the content visually.