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image database grid view?

Question asked by DanielGratiot on Jul 1, 2012
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image database grid view?



Newbie trying to modify the standard FM12 Content Database, and am struggling to figure out how to acheive a specific layout - and I am just not sure it can do it. 

I have started with data entry very similar to the Content Details layout in the Content Database. I happen to be using it for tracking a stamp collection, but the image contents really do not matter here.

What I would like is a way to view all the records Container images as a matrix of images - more like the way one views the images in iPhoto or other image browsing apps - in a grid of X by Y images. That woudl be a quick overview where I could then link directly to an individual image record.

All I can figure out in FM12 is to get a virtical list of records - similar to the "Content Browser" view in the FM solution wich is a "report". Using a lable view is conceptually right, but I just do not think that is the right solution.

Would a portal enable me to view all the images in the DB? I am happy to have them sorted, or be able to view specific search results in this format.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!