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    Image Editing



      Image Editing


           Hi everyone,

           This might be a random question but maybe someone can help me with this, Is there a way to embed an image editor in a solution, like a plugin or something? The idea is to have a basic image editor to work with images in container fields.

           Thanks in advance


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               Image Manipulation

               The main focus for CNS Image is not getting images in and out of your database, but instead, it's focus is on what you can do with CNS Image to manipulate those images all from within FileMaker Pro. You can crop, reflect, resize, rotate, and transform any image all from a calculation. If you need an image to be a different format, you can use the Convert function to do that as well as several other things. CNS Image also can apply filters to your images, such as Blur, Contrast, Edge, Emboss, Modulate (Brightness, Saturation, Hue), and Sharpen.