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    Image File based on 'filename value'



      Image File based on 'filename value'




      I'm trying to get a field to automatically populate with an image based on the entry of another field (the filename field) but without the extension type...

      For example, I'm trying to get the image field to automatically populate with the Amercian Flag image (US.jpg) when the term US is entered into another field...

      Is this possible?

      I also can't seem to see my images - I'm using a container field - is that correct?


      Thanks in advance, I'm pretty new to FMP so just wrapping my head around it - thanks in advance for your help...





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          yes you can insert image files into container fields. You can also insert references to your container fields. Why you can't see them in your container field is not a question that can be answered from the info you have provided thus far.

          If you insert your images into a table where each record has one container field for a different image, you can use a relationship to your main layout's table to control which, if any image is visible by controlling the match field value in that field that matches to records in your related table.

          I you choose, You can create a calculation field in the related image table that returns the file name of the image minus the file extension. You can then set a text field in your layout's table to match to this field with a value list of those file names to select from.