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Question asked by JCPython on Sep 13, 2010
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Image Gallery


Hey Everyone!

Well Something Ive been trying to accomplish for a while now has finally got me to take the time and ask the forums lol.

I have many different image fields in my database and some on different layouts, each image field has a button that i want to set to enlarge the desired photo into a much large image field on a pop up far all i have been able to do is create several laouts each having a image field, but i would like to just have one master laout with 1 image field. so if i click on one image to enlarge it brings up the master layout, close that window and select another image field and have it show with the same master layout. im not all that great with variables, and im certain thats what is needed...i think? lol

Thanks for all the great help so far guys, really appreciate it