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    image importing



      image importing



      FMP 9 on Windows 7

      I've got an old excel spreadsheet with a couple thousand records of slide photographs - each record has name, location etc, plus a file name/path for the relevant slide - as text.

      how do i import this into a FM db to make the image appear in a container field on a form for each record?

      the raw text field obviously won't display the image, and you can't 'store' a filename in a container field...

      all help appreciated..

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          No, but you can store a file path in a container field. This results in a "store by reference" container field that correctly displays your images as long as the user's computer can use the specified file path to access the image file.

          I'd import the filenames into a text field and then, depending on my users' needs, either use replace field contents to compute the filepath and put it in the container field or I'd define a calculation field that takes the imported filename, computes the correct file path and returns "container" as its field type.

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            OK, thanks Phil

            but still not getting it..

            Text field 'Image' has contents C:\My Pictures\Slides\1.jpg, then calculation field 'Pic' has calculation '=Image', calculation result is container.

            both fields now display text...what am i missing? images and db are in same folder...


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              Try either this calculation: 


              "image:/" & Image



              or this:


              "imagewin:/" & Image


              (Result is "container")


              Also, the file path in your Image text field needs to have forward slashes, like so: C:/My Pictures/Slides/1.jpg





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                OK ! finally sorted !

                Took one image back to the root directory, then stepped it into the final dir, changing the path each time in the text field...

                it didn't like the space in the Filepath 'My Pictures' and yes the slashes should have been more forward :)

                thanks to Phil and Nick

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                       Man it's amazing that there's not a simpler method for this like InDesign's caption text function; where it intelligently detects an image frame next to a text field and pastes in that image's file name.

                       I would love to know if there is actually a non script-required method for doing that.