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    Image imports



      Image imports


      Using filepro 7 here.  We are importing images into file maker pro 7 from Windows 7 os file folders...the filenames have the image format suffix ".jpg" attached when imported into file maker pro...is there a way to eliminate that suffix globally or are we faced with having to go into each record and delete ".JPG" from each file name?  thank you

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          Use the Replace Field Contents option in the Records Menu and you can do a batch update of your data. This cannot be undone and could modify a very large number of records all in one go, so it's not a bad idea to make a back up copy of your file first.

          You can use the calculation with Replace Field Contents to remove the .jpg from this text:

          Left ( Yourtable::YourField ; Length ( YourTable::YourField ) - 4 )

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            Aw cool...thanks so much.  You have saved me from having to edit 2800 indiviual files...