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    Image Rotation



      Image Rotation



           I keep trying to insert a picture into a field and Filemaker rotates it sideways. It's saved upright in Preview and I cannot figure out what is making it flip. Help!


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               Software can open an image, rotate it, mark it as rotated, display it as rotated, but not change the actual image.

               Open the image in a web browser, using the Open File option, this will show the true status of the image.

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                 Thank you for your response. I opened it in the web browser as you suggested and the image is upright. When I try to insert it into a field in Filemaker, it turns it sideways. Any thoughts as to why?  

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                   FileMaker 12 (including 12.0v3) is ignoring the "Camera Rotation" EXIF tag.  This appears to be a BUG in FileMaker's handling of at least JPG images and possibly other types.

                   One workaround on a Mac is to open the original image in Preview then do a "Select All" and a "Copy".  Then select under the File menu "New from Clipboard".  Save the new image and import that instead.