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    Image Size



      Image Size


           My database has approximately 2000 jpg images.  I have been using photoshop to resize images to 648 x 504 at 150 ppi.  This database is mainly being used in FM GO.  The reason I went to 150 ppi is in case the user wants to print the image.  All images are embedded in the app which is the way I'd like to keep it.  I would love to make the size of the app (629 MB) smaller.  Any suggestions?

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               Was the original jpg at 150 dpi?  I am guessing, NO.   If the original image was jpg then you don't improve quality in photoshop, you are "smearing" dots.  JPG was meant for 72 dpi and 256 color depth.  That is about as good you can get since jpg is a math algorithm to fill in missing lines.

               You could go to 8 bit color or greys

               IMHO, your jpg will make a nice print for most uses.

               How about 2 bit color depth = Black and white?