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Image with invisible background

Question asked by HarryKropp on Mar 18, 2014
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Image with invisible background


     I recently upgraded from FP 9 to FP 12 and of course there were some issues which I've resolved.  This one just cropped up though.

     I have a form that was put in place as an image and overlaid with the appropriate fields and is printed out as necessary.  However it should also have my signature (a JPG) with an invisible background(not white) overlaying a signature field on the form and it should not block out the signature line beneath it from the form.  This was fine in FP 9.  Well now in FP 12 the invisible background will only appear as white which blocks whats under it, and if the signature image is moved behind the form image it disappears(naturally).

     How can I bring in an image with a clear background and preserve the clear background when it is overlaid on the form.

     Thanks in advance.