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    Images and Memory



      Images and Memory


      I have a database of images and a layout showing metadata as well as a preview of the image in a container field.

      The container is a calculated field where the file path to the image is calculated and appended to "image:".  Its all working fine a this stage.  I was wondering whether this setup will be demanding of memory once I get to a large number of images? I have disabled List and Table views. But in form view, is the computer in the background still loading thousands of images? I could as a less desirable alternative set up a preview-on-request button.

      JPGs in the database are resized and displayed correctly (in proportion) in the container field. However TIFF images are not handled well, a small thumbnail is all that appears. Any suggestions for how to get them to behave as the JPGs?


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          1) Since you aren't actually storing the image data, just the file path, I believe the image files will only open on an as needed basis.

          2) I'm not aware of any issues with Tiff images in container fields. As a test, I captured a screen shot of this page, saved it as a Tiff and inserted it into a container field. It displayed just fine--Though I had to adjust the data format to enlarge or reduce as the image otherwise was much too large to display in the container.

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            Cheers for your response

            I followed your example and did a test with screen shot TIFF. This time it was proportionally resized displayed perfectly in the container. So i am a bit confused.

            Is problem that the screenshot TIFF was around 11MB, whereas the TiFFs causing me problems are 20MB- 30MB?

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              I don't know, as I don't have an image file of that size lying around that I can test.

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                Home > Using FileMaker Pro > Adding and viewing data > Working with data in container fields

                Working with data in container fields

                Tiffs come in different flavors, are yours vanila? CMYK? Compressed? Created in?

                Filemaker has choked on large images in the past, the use of Quicktime raster engine has supposedly eliminated the problem.

                Are the images local or on a server? There may be a timeout preventing a clean thumbnail from being created.

                David Anders
                The Computer Guy, Seattle

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                  Thanks both for the advice.


                  The tifs are local. They are also uncompressed - accorrding to the info I can get from Preview (Mac OS X). I am noticing the tiffs get displayed incorrectly in two cases

                  1)  The image displayed in container is quite small. This happens with tiffs are over 20MB, uncompressed have a 'RGB colour model' and  an EXIF attribute  saying they have 'sRGB colour space'.

                  2) The image displayed in container is medium size (but not to edges of container like JPGs). These tiffs are around 6MB, uncompressed and have a 'RGB colour model'.

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                    This sounds like observations worth posting to Report an Issue (see tab at top of screen). You can include a link to this thread instead of retyping in all of this info.