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Images and Memory

Question asked by WillPeart on Mar 19, 2012
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Images and Memory


I have a database of images and a layout showing metadata as well as a preview of the image in a container field.

The container is a calculated field where the file path to the image is calculated and appended to "image:".  Its all working fine a this stage.  I was wondering whether this setup will be demanding of memory once I get to a large number of images? I have disabled List and Table views. But in form view, is the computer in the background still loading thousands of images? I could as a less desirable alternative set up a preview-on-request button.

JPGs in the database are resized and displayed correctly (in proportion) in the container field. However TIFF images are not handled well, a small thumbnail is all that appears. Any suggestions for how to get them to behave as the JPGs?