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Images fail to display for IWP

Question asked by dhafitch on Jul 28, 2010
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Images fail to display for IWP


I have a database with images that I wish to publish via IWP.  The images were imported into the database from a Folder, with all four imported fields (Image, ImageThumbnail, FileName, FilePath), with the option clicked to only store references to the files (i.e., not to embed the images).  I have a question and a problem...

Question: In the local version, the Image field shows a nice image with better resolution than the Thumbnail field.  Using GetAsText(Image), I get a path.  It used to be (FM9) that you would also get data about the image size, but size information does not seem to be included anymore.  GetAsText(ImageThumbnail) produces no text whatsoever.  So what information is actually being stored by these two different container fields?

Problem: The ImageThumbnail field displays well in both the local and IWP versions of the database.  However, the Image field only displays a nice image in the local version and displays an annoying question mark in the IWP version.  Why the difference?  How can I get the Image field to display properly in the IWP version?  Or should I just be content with a Thumbnail and let users open the Image file via an OpenURL script?