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Images with External Data Source

Question asked by Fagreement on Dec 5, 2011
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Images with External Data Source


I have a FM application with SQL server as central database. Diffrent FM clients are conencted to this DB.

when using External Data Source (SQL server and i USE odbc to connect FM to the database,) I cannot see in FM the fields created as Image in Sql Server, the reason is FM doesn't read the binary files from the external database.


In fact in one of my layout I want to display in a portal a set of images (small images) and the idea is when the user click on a image the related image file will be opened. If I do it using FM database I have no pbm, but with SQL server DB I have an issue.

Knowing that I don't want to create central FM database, as Workaround, how can I proceed?

One idea is to store in SQL server field only the path of the images. But the issue is how in FM layout I can display the small images in the layout automatically when the layout opened?

hope I was clear

(it's urgent, thanks)