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imagewin Can't get it to work

Question asked by dansan500 on Oct 21, 2014
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imagewin Can't get it to work


Platform: Windows Server 12...... using FileMaker 13 Server, all required ports are open

I have a folder called MASTERIMAGE, it's on the C drive on the server

There are Photos in it (jpg), 275 thousand or so...

All photos are saved with the Item# so whatever is in the field matches the Item# in the statement

My local server address is :


Using a Calculation field (Container is selected)

Basically it's inventory with a photo. i don't want to load all those pics in the database, much rather they be in a folder or a Cloud.

"Whats strange is i had this working on FileMaker 11 but we upgraded, changed the server and file paths.."

I must be leaving out something.

Can you help.