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    imagewin Can't get it to work



      imagewin Can't get it to work


      Platform: Windows Server 12...... using FileMaker 13 Server, all required ports are open

      I have a folder called MASTERIMAGE, it's on the C drive on the server

      There are Photos in it (jpg), 275 thousand or so...

      All photos are saved with the Item# so whatever is in the field matches the Item# in the statement

      My local server address is :


      Using a Calculation field (Container is selected)

      Basically it's inventory with a photo. i don't want to load all those pics in the database, much rather they be in a folder or a Cloud.

      "Whats strange is i had this working on FileMaker 11 but we upgraded, changed the server and file paths.."

      I must be leaving out something.

      Can you help.

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          Filemaker 11 supported ole and Filemaker 12 and above does not and I would guess that is the reason it is not working anymore. 

          The method you have to use in 12 and above.


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            File paths aren't explicitly stored with OLE in the older versions so I don't think that's the situation here. More likely, some small discrepancy in your computed file path is causing the issue.

            You might use the file found here to capture and inspect the file path of a file inserted from this location.

            Importing Layouts

            You also need to have the folder where these images shared and permissions set to allow at least "read" level access before clients can see the images on the folder on your server.

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              so, your saying that imagewin will work?


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                I've had no problem with imagewin on a windows system that wasn't traced back to some error in either how I used it or some other error in the file path. note that these tags are case sensitive for some reason.

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                  Basically this is my delima:

                  I have 277 thousand photos in a file folder, each photo has the same name as the item# field in the database

                  i need for the database record to show the photo (located in the file Folder),  in the container field of each record when the photo name matches the Item#.

                  You can understand, by the number,  why i dont want to load each photo one at a time in the container.


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                    Here's how I would handle this issue:

                    I'd Set up a table with a container field, one container field to each record. You may already have such a table. Then I'd use Import Records | Folder to import a reference to each image in that folder. I now have 277 thousand records and the container fields each contain a valid file path to one of those files. I can extract that file path from the container fields or I can just link my existing records to records in this table whenever I need to access one of these image files.

                    Please note that I didn't have to insert the files one by one as this option does the whole folder all in one batch operation and I did not insert actual copies of the files either. I imported references--the specific file paths that you are trying to construct by other means.

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                      Using this import method, As I import the Photos to the Container.. How can I relate the photo to the record..

                      Photo name = 1234.jpg

                      Part Number (Item Number) = 1234


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                        You can specify that a text field in the same record get the file name as part of the import. That file name, minus the extension can be used to produce a match field value to link to your parts table by part number.

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                          Ok, that worked (sort of)

                          I can see all the Photos in the layout using my client

                          I go to the server, load a different client and I can see the photos

                          BUT, on any other client computer I can't see the photos.. this is driving me nuts!

                          Any ideas?


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                            You can't see the photos from any other computer as they do not have a valid file path to the directory where your images are stored. You will need to share that folder and then on each other computer, they'll need to map/mount to that folder identically so that the same file path can access these files on every computer.

                            If you have FileMaker 12 or 13, you might consider setting up external storage for this container field as a better way to make the images accessible. But note that this will physically relocate the images to the specified location and you'd have to re-import actual copies of the file instead of references to them.