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    Imitating Netflix Reprioritization Script



      Imitating Netflix Reprioritization Script


      I have a set of  approximately 120 records for action items which continually need to be reprioritized and sorted quickly. Each has a unique priority number ranging from 1 to the highest number. I am trying to set up a fast re-ordering script similar to the method encountered when re-ordering my movie queue records in Netflix. I can imagine various aspects of a script, but it would take me a long time to put it together via trial and error. I am wondering if anyone has a model already in use and can post it here. Many thanks --


      Using FMP 10 and (on two different computers) Windows XP and Windows 7.

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          This may be simpler than you think.


          In filemaker 10, if you sort your records in a specific order, filemaker automatically moves a record into the correct position if you edit a value that's part of this sort order. That drives us crazy in many situations as records mysteriously jump around and even vanish off the screen at times, but in your case, this sounds exactly like what you need.