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Imorting records from one table to another?

Question asked by Shoreline on May 26, 2010
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Imorting records from one table to another?


I need to run an import from another program into an Imports table.

Records in this table then have to be exported/imported into my live table(Which is an exact duplicate of this table)


We are an imports company our POS & SMS is currently running on a diffrent program. I have created a program in filemaker that manages our shipments. For all duplication reasons, we are creating an export out of the other system, which is then imported into Filemaker. We do not want the imports to import into our live tables so I have created duplicates of our Purchase Order & Product Items tables where the info will be imported too.

I need to set up an import/export script that will send info to my live table from the Imports tables.


What is the easiest way to accomplish this?


Im working on FM Pro 10 Adv, Windows