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Implementation ideas

Question asked by b24mike on Aug 22, 2014
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Implementation ideas


     I'm working on a World War II database showing the missions flown by each crew of a particular bomb group. Whenever a crew is shot down, a Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) is created containing the names of those onboard, cause of the loss (flak, fighters, mechanical, unknown), and location last seen.  I have all of the reports for this bomb group (109 losses) which would be displayed as a PDF through a container.  I would like to populate the table with information when a checkbox is clicked in the Mission Table (see Crew Loss.jpg, bottom entry left portal).

     I have an excel spreadsheet containing details on all 109 losses (date, aircraft tail number, pilot's name, cause) and would only need to add the PDF to the container.

     Is my approach anywhere near what I need and how do I get data from the portals in the Missions layout into my MACR layout.