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           I have several vendors that i import info from.

           They send current and new invoices in the same data set. The current ones have status updates in it.

           On the status update i only want a few of the data points. If i brought in all of them it overides info we put in the system based on the activity for the day.

           How do i set up the import, form the same data set, to import all of the info for the new ones and limited info on the status updates.

           If i limite the status updates and use the create new from the remainder, i will only get what ive selected on the new ones.

           If i do the new first ill get everything...

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               Run 2 separate and different imports on the same data set?

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                 I think that you'll need to import into a temporary table in your file. And then do two separate imports from the temporary table.

                 One you have imported into the temp table, perform a find that isolates the records for existing invoices. Import them with your Import matching and limited field mapping, then perform a find or use Show Omitted Only to set up a found set of the new invoices and do a second import to add the new records.

                 Once you have successfully imported both sets of records from the Temp table, you can use Delete All Records to empty out the temp table.

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                   I already have something sililular to that to ensure the my customer  and vendor id are accurate...

                   Ill modify that to accomidate this as well.

                   Good idea

                   Thank you