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Import (read) document file names from an external folder

Question asked by DavidLeav on Jun 2, 2012
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Import (read) document file names from an external folder


Mac OSX 10.7.2
Filemaker Pro Advanced 12.0v1

Ok, here goes...

I have a folder only for (User) Manuals. These could be for software, appliances, hardware, etc.

I want to be able to use FMP to choose a manual and be able to display it for viewing. (Most are in PDF format, some in RTF, but if need be, I can convert the latter to PDF.)

I saw the tutorial for viewing PDFs, etc., but having trouble finding how to access the folder and pull in the names of all the contents (files).

    1. Can FMP list all the file names within that folder, which is dynamic as I may add more to the folder, or delete some as we no longer need them?
    2. If so, how to handle this?
Thanks for any help on this, even if it is a "No go". (Mr. Schuman (high school english teacher) will be ticked off, he always told us never to "thank" in advance.)