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    Import - Undefined Path



      Import - Undefined Path



      I would like to know if there is any way to import a file when you don't know exactly the name.

      For example: I would like to import a file placed in a specific folder that ends with ".png"


      Should be something like this:


      Is there any way to do this in FileMaker?

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          You can't use the wild card operator in your example but this can be done if:

          The folder is inside your documents folder. or

          With a plug in that can list folder contents ( there are a number out there that can do this ), the folder can be placed anywhere.

          You can also use Import Records | Folder to import all picture files located in a specific folder so you might be able to use that method. That's a trick I use to pull pictures taken from cameras equipped with eyeFi SD cards (that upload via WiFi to a specific shared folder) into one of the Databases I currently administer.

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             I created a new table and a script to import all the files from the folder, then I could get only the ".png" I wanted. =) Thank you very much!