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Import - Update matching records, add remaining data

Question asked by skiingpatty on Dec 3, 2011
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Import - Update matching records, add remaining data



Please help - up all night, and this has plagued me in the past. 

I have a master database.  I often want to import more information into it from another Filemaker pro file. Update it with more info.

So - I import - with - Update matching records in found set.  But, then if there are some that do not exist already, I want to add the new ones as new records to the database. So - I check Add remaining data as new records. 

But -- it keeps duplicating current records.  I want to update those in there already, and then add the rest.  What can I be doing wrong. 

I don't want Update existing records - because I don't want to over write the whole record.  I just want to add some new stuff.  

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much.